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White                             Sand                               Brown                            Black

Below you will find a variety of one our most popular component guardrails, Single-top Picket. Here are a few details about this system:

  • Constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum, which will not rust, chip or peel

  • Four standard colors including, Black, White, Brown and Sand. A wide range of other colors are available, for a modest charge.
  • 5/8" square pickets
  • Several top rail profiles are available
  • Top rail field splices are tight and discrete, because they utilize an inside sleeve at the joint, as opposed to the bulky over-sleeve many other systems use. The result is a sleek, continuous top rail
  • All mechanical attachments are made with high-quality stainless steel hardware—most of which is concealed from view
  • We fabricate your guardrails in a controlled shop environment, to the exact dimensions and requirements of your project. The result is a higher-quality product that can’t be achieved by onsite fabrication—as others do.

Standard Colors - Single-top Picket Railing

Single-top Picket Railings