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  1. Name
  2. Preferred phone number and email address
  3. Jobsite address
  4. When will the railings will be needed?
  5. What type of railings are you interested in?  Please attach picture(s) of railing style if possible.  If you are not sure or need inspiring, review the pictures under the type of railing you are interested in (railing type listed on left side of page).
  6. Approximate lineal footage of railing you will need for your project.
  7. Is this a new build, remodel or current existing structure?
  8. Plan drawings of the area that show measurements or simply do a rough sketch with measurements (example of a rough sketch on the right side of this page).
  9. Pictures of the area where the railings will be installed (if possible).
  10. Identify preferred railing attachment style: Surface (top) mount or facia (side) mount? (review examples of each attachment style in pictures under the railing types on the left side of page).
  11. What surface will the rails be attached to (i.e. wood, composite, metal, tile, cement, etc.)
  12. Any other information you would like us to know.

Examples of what you can send to get a more accurate and timely quote:

Requesting a quote from Apex Railing Solutions, LLC is fast and easy. Its free and there is no obligation. Just tell us about your requirements by sending us an email at info@apexrailings.com. Please provide answers to the following request for information below. In most cases, this provides us all the information we need to return a competitive quote. If not, we will be in touch and, if necessary schedule a time to meet.  

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