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Cable construction

Our cable guardrail systems are constructed using 1/8" to 3/8” diameter, 1x19, Type 316 Stainless Steel Cable. 1x19 construction cable is engineered to hold static loads without stretching, and it is relatively stiff. There are other less-expensive cable constructions, such as 7x7 or 7x19, but we choose to use 1x19 because of its lower levels of stretch and higher breaking strengths, and more-desirable appearance.

Comparison of Cable Types

Cable Railings

Cable terminations

Our cable assemblies are tensioned on one or both ends—depending on the length of the run. We use Ultra-tec® stainless steel cable railing hardware fittings and tensioners. They are designed to be sleek and attractive when you can see them, and when the design allows, their Invisiware® hardware hides inside the end posts so you can't see them.

Interior Cable Railings

Wood-capped Cable Railings  (wood posts and caps provided by others)

Exterior Cable Railings

Cable guardrail systems are an extremely popular railing choice. They provide the least-obstructed views and are effectively maintenance free. Apex Railing Solutions, LLC custom-fabricates cable guardrails incorporating a variety of materials including brushed stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum, for both interior and exterior applications. Any of or cable guardrail systems can be made to accept a wood top cap as well.